customized and special events

Cannabis Connections specializes in customizing cannabis events such as Destination Weddings, Birthdays, Bachelorette and Bachelor’s party, Divorce Celebrations, Anniversaries and CANNABIS CONNECTIONS DMV SPECIAL events. 


Cannabis Connections also host specialty “Private Party” events in different cities focusing on the palette…. Events include food, DJ and photo booth, fun and educational opportunities. 

Limited Space Availability **


Private Party-  Dine and Dab Events  ©2020 Dine and Dab, LLC. All Rights Reserved 

Get Educated and Fed while you Dab. Cash Bar Available $$

  • $75 / Per Person 

  • Dates TBD

Encredible Edible Experience ©2020 Encredible Ediible Experience, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Cannabis Infused dinner experience. Cash Bar Available $$

  • $75 / Per Person

  • Dates TBD

Play Where You Stay Breakations ©2020 Play Where You Stay Breakations, LLC. All Rights Reserved 

Play Where You Stay Breakations were designed for residents in states where recreational cannabis is legal. These activities are customized to give you a “breakation” from your everyday life in your city. Why not try something new?


Tired of traffic? Parent-Duty start as soon as you get home from work? Can’t partake in cannabis activity at home because of kids, parents, roommates? Need a massage? Want to eat dinner in an upscale restaurant but can’t get reservations? Let our concierge team at Cannabis Connections curate the perfect itinerary for you. We can arrange date nights, overnights and 2-day weekend getaways.


Package pricing depends on location and requested activities. NON-Cannabis related Breakations are also available upon request. Please email


*** You are required to sign waivers to participate in activities ***